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Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel, which impresses me for a longtime. It describes a love story mainly between Elisabeth, who I like the best,and a rich and proud man, Darcy.

The story began with the arrival of a crowd of rich men who rent a housenear the Bennet. In a ball, Elisabeth gave such a bad impression on Darcy’sfirst pride that she refused Darcy’s first proposal. Darcy was so surprised byElisabeth’s refusal that he loved Elisabeth more deeply. And Elisabeth’santipathy made Darcy realize his shortings. He was not angry about Elisabeth’scensure, but also he changed his previous proud attitude.

During Elisabeth’s travel in Darcy’s manor. Darcy was very nice to heruncle and aunt, different from previous proud attitude. When one of Elisabeth’ssisters ran away with Wickham, Darcy helped Elisabeth find her sister andprevent her sister from the loss of reputation, with nobody knowing that it washe who helped the Bennet. So many changes in Darcy eliminated Elisabeth’sprejudice. At last it end with their marriage.

Taking the daily life as its material, this story reflected the life andlove in a conservative你 and blocking England town. It reflected the author’sview about marriage that it is fault to marry for property, money and status andit is also foolish to take these elements into account. In fact Darcy’s pridemanifested the gap between their statuses.

Since his pride existed, there is no ideal marriage between Elisabeth andDarcy. From the different attitudes from Darcy’s two proposals, it reflected thefeminine pursuit of personality independence and right equality, which is aprogressive character from the image of Elisabeth.

I’m forced to read this novel at the beginning, but I can’t wait to finishit subsequently.

"It is a truth universally acknowledges that a single man in possession ofa good fortune must be in want of a wife." This is just as Leo Tolstoy’s famousstarting in 《Anna Karenina》: "All happy families resemble one another, eachunhappy family is unhappy in its own way". To begin with such a design, JaneAusten has her deep meaning. Marriage and money are inseparable. The undertoneis very clear: the foundation of the marriage at that time is not emotion butpossession. The author does not deny this. So she uses typical Bennets to provethis truth.

The story takes place in the class-conscious England of the late 18thcentury. The five Bennet sisters--including strong-willed Elizabeth and youngLydia--have all been raised by their mother with one purpose in life: finding awealthy husband. So when a wealthy bachelor shows up in their lives, the wholefamily is turned upside-down. But when Elizabeth meets up with the handsome butsnobbish Mr. Darcy, the battle of the sexes is joined.

As we all know, Austen, in this novel, through the five Bennet daughters’attitude towards love and marriage, shows the relationship between mentalfeelings, such as love, and material possessions , which also reflects theauthors attitude: Marry for the sake of property, money or status is wrong;marry but do not take into account the above factors is foolish. As a result,she not only opposed to marry for the purpose of money, but also opposed totreat marriage as childs play. She stressed the importance of an idealmarriage. But in modern society, although the marriages of economic needs havedecreased rapidly, the concept of “money determines everything” is still rootedin some people’s mind.

Then let’s e to talk about the meaningful topic of this love story: 《PrideAnd Prejudice》

Pride and prejudice are our mon problems and weaknesses. In fact, everyoneis very easy to be driven by his own subjective impression and thus easy to makeincorrect ments on others, and then led to misunderstand between people. One’sfirst impression can affect a lot of things for sure, but it doesn’t mean itcouldn’t be changed. The deeper you get to understand someone, the moreobjective points you will have on him or her. The changing of Elizabeth’s pointof view towards Darcy just proved this perfectly: no pride, no prejudice, andthese two married just because they love each other, just because they need eachother instead of need each other’s possessions. Austen is smart, becauseElizabeth got beauty and intelligence while Darcy is handsome and rich. I evenwonder if such a perfect marriage could take place in modern society.

MISS AUSTEN never attempts to describe a scene or a class of society with which she was not herself thoroughly acquainted. The conversations of ladies with ladies, or of ladies and gentlemen together, are given, but no instance occurs of a scene in which men only are present. The uniform quality of her work is one most remarkable point to be observed in it. Let a volume be opened at any place: there is the same good English, the same refined style, the same simplicity and truth. There is never any deviation into the unnatural or exaggerated; and how worthy of all love and respect is the finely disciplined genius which rejects the forcible but transient modes of stimulating interest which can so easily be employed when desired, and which knows how to trust to the never-failing principles of human nature! This very trust has sometimes been made an objection to Miss Austen, and she has been accused of writing dull stories about ordinary people. But her supposed ordinary people are really not such very ordinary people. Let anyone who is inclined to criticise on this score endeavor to construct one character from among the ordinary people of his own acquaintance that shall be capable of interesting any reader for ten minutes. It will then be found how great has been the discrimination of Miss Austen in the selection of her characters, and how skillful is her treatment in the management of them. It is true that the events are for the most part those of daily life, and the feelings are those connected with the usual joys and griefs of familiar existence; but these are the very events and feelings upon which the happiness or misery of most of us depends; and the field which embraces them, to the exclusion of the wonderful, the sentimental, and the historical, is surely large enough, as it certainly admits of the most profitable cultivation.

In the end, too, the novel of daily real life is that of which we are least apt to weary: a round of fancy balls would tire the most vigorous admirers of variety in costume, and the return to plain clothes would be hailed with greater delight than their occasional relinquishment ever gives. Miss Austens personages are always in plain clothes, but no two suits are alike: all are worn with their appropriate differen AS we should expect from such a life, Jane Austens view of the world is genial, kindly, and, we repeat, free from anything like cynicism. It is that of a clear-sighted and somewhat satirical onlooker, loving what deserves love, and amusing herself with the foibles, the self-deceptions, the affectations of humanity. Refined almost to fastidiousness, she is hard upon vulgarity; not, however, on good-natured vulgarity, such as that of Mrs. Jennings in "Sense and Sensibility," but on vulgarity like that of Miss Steele, in the same novel, combined at once with effrontery and with meanness of soul.

This is the famous British writer Jane Austen masterpiece "Pride and Prejudice" in the opening section, leads some in the early nineteenth century England and on the value of the classic love story.

As we all know, in Austin, in the novel by Quebec five daughters getting different treatment, shown township middle-class families of marriage for girls who love the different attitudes, which reflected the author I love the idea of marriage: the sake of property, money and the - The marriage is wrong; The marriage did not take into account the above factors also stupid.() Therefore, she opposes the money for the purpose of marriage, also opposes the marriage lightly. She stressed the importance of an ideal marriage, and the feelings of both men and women as the cornerstone of the conclusion of the marriage ideal.

The story of Quebec heroine Elizabeth (Keira Terri) was born to a family of small landowners four sisters, Sister Jane Quebec, Quebec sister Mary, Katie Quebec and Laidiya Quebec. Five sisters and a little monotonous quiet life along with the two young guys coming up and it is undeniable-and eliminate the waves. Bin Heli healthy and progressive and rich Darcy (Matthew Mike Deng) is a good friend, became acquainted with the town lure of this home, "five", a beautiful and full of "Pride and Prejudice" love story.